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Routine Dentistry

Routine Dentistry is what ensures a healthy mouth and a smile you will love to show off. Most of our patients should visit the office at least twice a year for cleanings and to examine your teeth and gums for signs of disease.

Without regular dental exams and cleanings, plaque builds up and and the neglect can lead to periodontal disease. This also leaves you vulnerable to heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Oral wellness is a vital part of your overall health.

“During your checkup appointment, your dentist (or dental hygienist) will likely evaluate the health of your gums, perform a head and neck examination (to look for anything out of the ordinary) and examine your mouth for any indications of oral cancer, diabetes or vitamin deficiencies. Don’t be surprised if your dentist also examines your face, bite, saliva and movement of your lower jaw joints (TMJs). Your dentist or dental hygienist will then clean your teeth and stress the importance of you maintaining good oral hygiene at home between visits. -Oral-B”

If you are planning on visiting for the first time, please fill out our consultation form and we will be in touch with you shortly!

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