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Veneers by Lumineers

Veneers by Lumineers offers you a beautiful smile by using their proprietary technology and over 30 years of experience. With Veneers, you can have the smile you have always wanted in less time and with far more comfort than you imagined.

Lumineers are superior to traditional veneers due to their ultra thin transparency that allows them to look completely natural. These are incredibly resistant and will last up to 20 years. This is a pain free way to reshape and whiten your natural teeth. These will not damage your teeth in any way or make them more sensitive, but will look and feel completely comfortable.

“Traditional veneers are generally thicker, and thus require more aggressive and irreversible removal of healthy tooth structure. The extensive preparation technique frequently requires shots and anesthesia to minimize sensitivity and pain, and typically involves placement of acrylic temporaries for over two weeks between visits. The minimally invasive Lumineers technique typically eliminates the need for shots or temporaries, so while you wait for your custom-made Lumineers, you’ll look great and feel great. While many dentists offer veneers, not all dentists have been trained to deliver the signature benefits of Lumineers, so make sure you consult with a Certified Lumineers Dentist.” –


We are certified in Lumineers and can get you fitted for Veneers in a timeline and on a budget that you can afford.

Contact us for a consultation about your Veneer inquiry.

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